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Newborns are absolutely adorable when they are all wrapped up and asleep like warm burritos post their daily massage-and-bath routine. Swaddling seems to have a calming effect on the little ones — making them feel secure — and ensures they sleep better. It prevents them from startling themselves and helps them adapt to life outside the coziness of the womb. Babies end up sleeping so soundly that mums have a little extra time to catch some winks themselves. However, it’s not as simple as wrapping a gift or tucking in a toddler. No, swaddling takes a few attempts to result in perfect results, but with the following tips, you’ll be a pro in no time despite being a new mom. Read on to master the wonderful art yourself, and thank us when you’re able to catch up on lost sleep!

Tip 1

Snug, not tight, should be the aim

When you swaddle your little one, you need to make sure there’s enough room for their chest to expand as they breathe. Check to see if you can fit 2-3 fingers between the blanket and their chest to know whether the swaddle is snug or tight.


Tip 2

Start the art from day one

Swaddling works when it’s practised from the very beginning. Babies are usually swaddled while they’re still in the hospital. Once you bring them home, don’t break the habit. This could cause them to fight back when you restart the practice. 


Tip 3

Opt for a sleep sack

For some mums, swaddling is a neat trick that they just can’t seem to get the hang of. Don’t worry if this is the case with you as well. Why? Because there are sleep sacks out there that do the job just as well! Just zip your baby up or velcro them in snuggly, and you’ll both have a peaceful sleep. 



Tip 4

Take care not to cause overheating

While swaddling is great for helping your baby feel safe and snug, it may not be ideal in certain weather conditions, especially if your baby is already wearing more than a light dress/vest


Tip 5

Choose the right technique

One key concern that mums have when it comes to swaddling is whether they’re swaddling the right way. There is more than one technique, and not all of them may be ideal for your baby and you. Some recommended techniques are the diamond swaddle, since it’s the easiest, the hands-up swaddle, since it ensures your baby sleeps in their natural position, the square or quick swaddle, since it’s great when you’re short on time, and the simple swaddle, since it’s more effective yet really, well, simple.


Tip 6

Tighten the right portion of the swaddle

When swaddling, it’s very important to ensure that some sections of your baby’s blanket are more snug than others. Take care to leave some room for your newborn’s legs, but be sure to keep their arms firmly tucked away, not the other way around.


Tip 7

Stop swaddling at the right time

Finally, it’s super important to do away with swaddling at the right stage. Keeping your little one wrapped up till they’re way too old will hamper their physical development. The best way to know when to set aside that swaddle is to watch for when your baby starts to roll over. This signals the fact that they are old enough to be more baby and less burrito.


Good luck with that swaddle, and let us know which of these tips is your favourite!