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We always ask ourselves...

How can we make being a new parent a more joyful experience?

Mom & Baby
Mom & Baby

When a woman
learns she is pregnant,
we want to be the
brand she reaches out
to for her needs.

Mom & Baby

When an expectant
mother is looking to design her little one's nursery,
we want to be the
ones she consults.

Mom & Baby

When a new mum
has questions about nurturing her little baby,
we want to be the team that helps with the answers.

A Journey of Joy Mom & Baby

From a 300 sq. ft. space to a 5000 sq. ft. wonderland and a happy little world online...

Mom & Baby
Mom & Baby
Mom & Baby

It all began in 1987 - a 300 sq. ft. store in Juhu, Mumbai, for children from ages 2-8. One of the first brands dedicated to supplying childcare products in the city, we learnt that there was a significant demand for items for newborn babies. Identifying this need in the market was crucial to us and became an eventual change in direction for Green Bell. It didn't take long for us to become a store for mothers and children between the ages 0-4.

We had identified our niche, our specialisation, and we never looked back. Today, Green Bell is a specialty store for newborns and toddlers - a happy place for mother and child.From its inception to now, Green Bell has thrived on its purpose to make the early parenting experience a joyous one. Our approach to service, our outlook towards our customer relationships, our vision for the future - it all stems from this purpose.
It is our commitment to making early childhood and child care a joy that makes us a trusted name among mothers across Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra and India. It is why Green Bell stands proud and happy as the largest store for newborns in the city.And we do not want to limit our experience to our store in Juhu anymore. We know that there's a world of mums and dads and little ones who need us across India. This cozy corner of the internet is for all of you.

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Welcome to Green bell

Mom & Baby Mom & Baby Mom & Baby Mom & Baby Mom & Baby Mom & Baby
Mom & Baby Mom & Baby

We’re bringing a little slice of that experience... online